Galina Petrovna

Film information

  • Original Title: Галина Петровна
  • Genre: Performative Documentary, Portrait
  • Released: May 23, 2023
  • Production Period: January, 2022 - April, 2023
  • Format: Digital; 25 fps, 16:9, 4k, Stereo, Color
  • Length: 17 min
  • Budget: $520
  • Studio: American University of Central Asia
  • Actors: Kushnikova Galina
  • Festivals: None
  • Crew::
    Director - Nikita Lovetsky
    Director Assistant - Valeriia Radchenko
    Operator / Sound Recording - Nikita Lovetsky & Valeriia Radchenko
    Color Correction - Timur Chikeev
    Sound Design - Vladislav Stoma
    Backstage - Ludmila Radchenko


A lonely grandmother Galina Petrovna lives in her blue house and expressively shares her new life and how it has changed after the death of her husband.


For several years now, Galina Petrovna has not left her house in Mayevka Village near Bishkek. There is a cozy blue house with fish garland in which a lonely grandma Galina tells us a story about her ghostly husband who died fifteen years ago. Every day she takes care of the house and even runs a small business. She sells chicken eggs and does laundry for some of her neighbors in her own washing machine. In a house full of pets, Galina Petrovna tells us about her alcoholic husband, pain and a new life after his death.