Night on Earth

Film information

  • Original Title: Ночь на Земле
  • Released: October 3, 2021
  • Actors: Maxima Harwart, Nikita Lovetsky, Valeriia Podpleta, Ruslan Bayzakov
  • Voiceover: Tursunbai Shergaziev
  • Music: Neachtar, RedCardinal
  • Artwork: Nikita Lovetsky, Sergei Bulatov, Meerim Seidakmatova
  • Festivals: Gallery Bomba, Duemila30, YOUKI Festival, FUSE Festival
  • Additional: Photonovel, experimental


On a late winter night, the main character goes to the nearest store and finds himself in a dying space where his own memories and reality are intertwined.

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